Sewing Spaces…

I love looking at other people’s sewing rooms – I love to see how people have decorated their homes and how people manage to tidy away their sewing paraphernalia. Inspired by the Blue Gardenia’s recent posts on well know blogger’s sewing spaces, I present to you my humble lit sewing space…

I used to have everything up in my bedroom, but I’m a real believer in trying to make your bedroom space as calming as possible in order to get the best sleep… As a former shift worker this was especially important for me!

So I transformed my study into a dedicated sewing space. This space has always been a bit of a dead space to me, simply because it is so small. However due to its size, it builds up clutter rapidly and I am always having to tidy up! My BF thinks this is OCD, but its difficult to achieve minimalist living when you have so much junk!

Some Before pictures:

I had fabric in plastic ‘under the bed’ drawers that were under my sewing table, not much room for legs!

What my sewing table normally looks like:

So this afternoon, I found some time to declutter and re-arrange my sewing space – this is what my little nook looks like now.

I am loving this little organiser from ‘Really Useful Boxes’ that I snapped up.

I am using a simple chest of drawers from Ikea that I already had that luckily fitted perfectly in the space next to the bookcase.

My drawers are divided into haberdashery odds and ends, this drawer with pattern pieces matched with fabric

And another drawer full of fabric

I’m most proud of this! Nothing under my table! Somewhere finally to put my legs comfortably…

And a beautifully sparse desk for my sewing machine… (well, I can’t guarantee it is always going to look like that!!)

2 thoughts on “Sewing Spaces…

  1. Karin says:

    Sigh. I sew in the dining room and have to tidy everything up by the weekend for family dinners. It’s great that you have a room dedicated to sewing even if it is tiny. I don’t think many sewers in England can manage it. My mouth is always agape when I look at sewing room pics posted by sewers in America. What space!

    • Freya says:

      Yes I do too! I also wonder at some of the mad organising skills that are going on as well! Like patterns all scanned into the computer and sorted alphabetically/era/style…. I just don’t have the time or the space for so many patterns. And the fabric stashes, that’s the best bits, looking at some people’s ENORMOUS fabric stashes make my not so insubstantial fabric collection look like nothing at all!

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