When Life Gets you Down…

… the best thing do is to treat yourself…

The long and the short of it being that I have had a pretty rubbish week. So what’s a girl to do? Mope around all day? No, not me. So I went off to the sewing machine shop to pick up my little featherweight which I had dropped off for a service last week, to be told that it wasn’t ready. It’s mildly annoying that the man had said last week it would only take two working days and now I am going to have to wait another week because I can’t make it from work in time before the shop shuts during the week. I exited the shop swiftly…. Not because I was in a foul mood… No, I was standing too close to the Bernina 3 series for my comfort and in my current frame of mind if I had stayed in there any longer… I would not have been going home empty-handed and significantly poorer!

So off to Battersea’s Fabrics Galore for more affordable retail pleasure. I have gone off buying fabric online mainly because I am a really bad judge of colour and fabric – More times than not I end up being disappointed with something that isn’t quite right for me… Therefore I am really trying to stick to buying things that I can see and feel despite it maybe being more expensive than online.

I came away with some lovely wool for my Lady Grey Coat – Paul Smith Wool Blend:

Now, I know I ranted about the cost of expensive patterns and haberdashery but I couldn’t resist…. I saw this too cute pattern from Oliver + S, which would look awesome on my little nephew!

I bought a navy blue Cashmere and Wool blend which was only £1 more a metre than the Corduroy which would have been my second choice, but as he lives in quite a cold country, I went for warmth. Pairing this with a Michael Miller Cotton Print for a lining… The boy is mad on planes, trains and automobiles!

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