Another Parfait…

After my notch disaster the other night, I got round to making another version of Colette Patterns Parfait. I was inspired by this Mango dress:

Lucky for me I had a very similar blue and white striped cotton that I didn’t know what to do with… One of those purchases where you don’t quite have enough for a dress but have too much for just a shirt…  I matched this with some blue linen that almost looks like denim which I got from Fabrics Galore.

As the instructions for Colette patterns are very easy to follow and understand, constructing the dress was a cinch. My main issue on this dress is the less than perfect zipper insertion and the less than perfect zip that I chose for it! I didn’t have anything other than a white zip. This was better than a blue one that I had which somehow just clashed… And I don’t have a zipper foot for my machine as I am still using my mum’s borrowed one whilst I wait to win the lottery and for my featherweight to get serviced…

In order to hide the notches, I created another seam – not ideal but I don’t think it detracts from the dress too much.

Just so you can see I did use a stripe fabric! I’m particularly pleased with my first attempt at fabric covered buttons… That’s what I love about sewing – the joy in learning new skills!

About Freya

I love everything there is about sewing - oh, except for cutting out fabric.... I'm the creator of Elise Patterns - an independent lingerie sewing pattern company - based in London. When I'm not doing that, I can sometimes be found writing on my personal sewing blog - Handmade By Freya. I appreciate all of your lovely thoughtful comments and opinions! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read what I write.
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