Ruby Shorts Refashion – The final Part

In which I discover that the Burdastyle Ruby shorts are not in fact high-waisted and that I have just made a pair of low rise hot pants…


Shorts with two buttoned side seams


Multisize – But I made it in a size 42 (with hindsight it is a bit on the snug side…)

Did it look like the Pattern?



Recycled stripey grey and white polyester fabric from a pair of cropped trousers I found at a village fête. I added contrasting peach floral silk that I had as a remnant and bought vintage buttons to match (except they are more yellow than peach!)

Were the instructions easy to follow?

It was a complete waste of paper even printing them out.

Any alterations?

I didn’t make the pocket with a flap, instead I just made a simple square pocket adding the contrasting peach silk as a trim. I made the waistband completely wrong, I made it as a facing instead. Meaning they are quite low waisted. It’s not how I originally intended it to be but it’s still wearable.


The instructions were a nightmare and Burdastyle should be reported to the Plain English Campaign

Would I make it again?

Actually I would, now that I know how to make them – I think the next pair would probably be quite quick and straightforward.

Lessons Learned:

  • These are NOT high-waisted shorts
  • I need to be more realistic with my body measurements
  • I need to be more picky with my fabric choices
  • I learned how to do a welt pocket – which makes this project completely worthwhile in my opinion!
  • That even though this probably should have been consigned to the ‘rubbish’ pile, I’m glad I kept persevering!

As the English summer has now finally petered out… well, ok I’ve been in denial as I think it finished sometime in July – my attention is turning to my autumn wardrobe or rather lack of it.  But I have three more summer dresses that I want to make before I start on some exciting autumnal office wear! (That’s me trying to be enthusiastic…)

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