This is Why I Love Vintage Patterns!

My self-imposed ban on buying new patterns and fabrics until I get through my current stash lasted all of about 5 minutes… Although since then I have convinced myself that buying vintage doesn’t really count. Well it doesn’t really does it? The emphasis being on the word ‘new’ obviously, and in this case It’s not new and it’s been pre-owned – Oh, who am I fooling?

I bought this lovely pattern off eBay and whilst it may be a while before I make it, I am so excited about it that I wanted to share how lovely it is! It is an Anne Adams Instructor pattern number 4961. I have an absolute weakness for bows which probably explains why I bought this – It has a rather large one Centre Front!

What I love about this pattern especially is that when I opened up the pattern instructions, on the back, the pattern has a practical chart for dressmaking, outlining all the major stitches and techniques you would need! (Something that I know would have been especially helpful to me when I started learning)

I especially love how this pattern came with its original mailing envelope – back in the day it cost only 1 cent to post! And that a lady in Pennsylvania received in on the 24th July. I am guessing in the 4os or 50s… I’m not sure why but I am such a romantic and nostalgic at heart, that it is not only the patterns that I love but that each one has their own little piece of history…

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