Ruby Shorts Refashion – The Resentful pair of Shorts

Whilst it took me only a couple of hours to rip the original shorts apart, it has taken nearly a month of procrastination to progress to the next stage. I had been so thoroughly put off by the idea of making a welt pocket because I couldn’t find any instructions (neither on the web nor in any books) that had the simplest explanation of how to make one, that I just avoided the whole project. So it sat in a little unloved pile in my study, haunting me.

Stubbornly I refused to give up and scoured my bookshelf for advice and finally I turned to the ‘Dressmaker’s Techniques Bible’ which had the least complicated explanation (i.e. largest letters/biggest pictures).  I am so pleased that I stuck with it and eventually learned how to do it though!

A while ago I bought a bunch of remnants mostly silks in odd shapes and sizes. Not sure what I thought I could do it with it at the time, but I found enough material to make the contrasting back pocket and welt pocket. I had cracked that dastardly welt and was feeling pretty chuffed with the colour/texture contrast going on when I started looking for the back pocket pieces… Disaster again! I had thrown away the remnants and not cut enough out for the back pocket.

I thought the welts were challenging but then I continued to read the Burdastyle instructions further and realised that it wasn’t me that was being stupid, the instructions really do not make any sense at all! Although I’ve come to realise that I am a visual learner, even their pictures don’t make sense… So,  I went out and did it on my own… It’s been a learning curve all the way! Oh and I got it wrong pretty much all the time and then had to do things over again…

I tacked the button plackets…

Topstitched them on and was feeling pretty pleased with myself when I realised I had done it all wrong… (when you lie them on top of each other, they don’t match)

So I had to restitch that on…

After that:

  • I attached the front and back facing like a skirt and not like the waistband it was supposed to be (I didn’t realise this until I looked at the Burdastyle pictures again)…
  • Realised that I had trimmed the facing to fit and now am unable to make a waistband from it…
  • So after all of that, I am beginning to wonder if this amount of effort is really worth it!!

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