Ruby Shorts Refashion – Part 1

A few weekends ago, I spent a thoroughly satisfying day eyeing up the Berninas on display in a sewing machine shop… I had to be dragged out of there kicking and screaming! Impressively (for me) I left empty-handed as I am not really in the position to be shelling out £700 for a machine yet and so my Bernina daydreams continue…

To take my mind off things we went to a village fete – I love the British summer and this is one of my all time favourite things to do when I visit my parents – the sun even came out for us.

From a young age I have always loved tombola’s and I always seemed to win inappropriate things like a bottle of Bailey’s or beer – considering I was about 13 at the time! This time my haul included a couple of bottles of wine my mum and I won, I bought a ‘how to garden’ book for 50p and….. wait for it….. a Size 24 pair of cropped trousers for £1. Yes. I did.

This is the first time I have specifically bought something to take apart and refashion…

Firstly, I took the obligatory ‘before’ shots – This is how to achieve the ‘OMG! I used to be this big!’ look employed in many diet commercials – without any effort at all! For that ‘slimmer of the year’ effect, I recommend purchasing at least 6 sizes above your current size…

Even though I am cutting a size 42 (UK 14) from them – I thought I would have more fabric to play with!

I found that in some areas I didn’t quite have enough fabric to cut out the pattern, despite taking it all apart at the seams and preserving the original seam allowance. It also isn’t exactly straight on the grain because of this either. However at £1 for the fabric only, I’m not that bothered…

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