Lunch Hour Quickies

I saw this article in the Stylist magazine a few weeks back – Stylist magazine is a free magazine that we are lucky to get given out to us on our morning commutes to work on the tube in London. And for those of you who do not live in this city, luckily for you, whilst searching for a link I  discovered you can read it online and browse through their archives for free , so you too can share the joys of this magazine.

According to the article – 10% of the UK don’t take a lunch break, with 19% of us taking less than 15 minutes.

I’m not sure why I was surprised by this fact, I mean after all, I’m one of the 10% not taking lunch breaks – I eat my lunch at my desk. Whilst I can’t advocate a campaign for reclaiming lunch hours – being in a profession where that just wouldn’t work – I do think we should make the most of our breaks when we do get them…

How could I improve my lunch breaks? I would love to bring something in that I am sewing and work on it but that could prove a bit difficult. Going to the gym/swimming takes longer than half an hour. So I’m thinking I could use that part of my day to read a bit from my sewing books each day…

What could you do in thirty minutes or less? Are you a stickler for strict lunch breaks? Or do you work through and forget lunch? (Unfortunately, my tummy NEVER forgets to eat…)

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