A little bit of selfless sewing…

… should do me some good! I came up with this quick little project for my brother, well, it should have been a quick project. However, I’m using a borrowed sewing machine with no invisible zip attachment and my featherweight really needs a service. It was all going so well and then the tension went haywire and I just haven’t been able to fix it since… Still, I made these little beauties for my brother’s new sofa. They should match perfectly!

I made a template out of newspaper to fit the 22 inch cushions. I found that using masking tape helped keep the lines straight, I also used it when I was cutting out my fabric, which really helped in stabilising the fabric and stopping slippage.

I used a rolled hem for the tidying up of the seams. I love how professional it makes the edges look. The material is a blend of some sort, silky to the touch. Frays like mad though!

In fact I managed to insert the zipper without the correct attachment without too much hassle in the end, except I then attached the zip to the second cushion the wrong way round! I can be so blonde sometimes!!!

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