Weekend Excitement!!

I’m off home for the weekend – and my mum has promised me that we will go sewing machine shopping! Ok, well I might not buy anything but she is taking me to have a look at some and see if there are any second hand Berninas… I’m pretty excited!

The other reason for the trip is that I’m determined to get my mum’s Pfaff serviced too… My mum has had her Pfaff – I think a hobbymatic – for about thirty years and it has NEVER been serviced, my mum wasn’t even sure how to use the machine fully as my dad had helpfully bought her the machine when we lived in Holland and it only had German instructions. Did I mention my mother is English and does not understand German? She had it out on the kitchen table a couple of months ago, the last time I was at home, she is trying to finish the thirty year quilt – no prizes for guessing why that is so named!

I’m trying to sell off my stash on eBay and so far I have managed to sell off my dress form and a couple of other things. No takers for the current sewing machine yet though…

What i’ve been getting up to recently: Daydreaming out of my bedroom window into the garden… After quite a long hot spell – it’s now back to standard British summer weather – rain.

Ignoring the overgrown jungle that is my garden and planting a new mini garden on my roof – herbs… Blissful ignorance indeed!

Oh yes, I forgot this was a sewing blog…. Ok I am trying my first downloaded Burdastyle pattern:

Can you guess which pattern it is?

Cutting out fabric ready to be sewn up! So I have been productive really…

Things I have cut out: Another Colette Parfait, Vogue 1174 lining and foundation and Mccall’s trench coat muslin

I’m thinking the Vogue 1174 is fast becoming an unfinished sewing project – I think that’s called a UFO or something. I’m scared to cut into the Liberty fabric for the shell of the dress! Does this happen to anyone else?

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