Colette Ceylon – Again…

I thought these pictures might be a bit better than the others I posted but to be honest I’m not sure! Pretty exciting I found an old tripod my dad had lent me that I had forgotten about, which is great as flatmate takes awful pictures and bf just isn’t interested – so that plus self timer sorts out how I can take pictures of myself. However, that doesn’t fix the poor focus. Sadly, my lovely camera is neither top of the range nor some amazing model, but I tend to form emotional attachments to silly things like that. I got it for Christmas one year – my parents got the camera, my brother bought me the case and my sister bought the memory card. I just love it because it’s one present from all of them. Silly I know!

Anyway, earlier this year, I went off on some travels and discovered a large thumb print on my lens – I was distraught. Added to this was the fact I had got up at 4.30am to camp out in front of the big temple at Angkor Wat in Cambodia with my friends to wait for the sun to rise over the temple and take pictures. I discovered the thumb print only when the sun had gone up and most of my pictures ended up being pretty blurred – (but also sort of dreamy/ethereal looking too!) I had been assigned designated photographer because unfortunately one of my friends had had her camera nicked that week and the other had brought along a camera with hardly any battery! Oh and did I mention that day was also the day I got gastroenteritis…. Sometimes you just have to laugh at things like that!

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