Colette Ceylon… Finally.

It’s taken me nearly ten weeks. Yes, that is a while. I have had disasters with my home sewing machine (which I now hate, hate, hate!!) and I did have a few weeks off in between as well. But it is done, now, thankfully!


Close fitting, shirt dress with inset waist, slightly dropped and curved waistline and neckline yoke.


Multisized 0-18. I cut the 14 but suspect I should probably have cut out the 12.

Did it look like the Pattern Envelope?



V intage 1940’s fabric I bought off Ebay about a year ago, cotton mix?

Were the instructions easy to follow?

All of Colette patterns come in a handy instruction booklet and they are a dream to follow!

Any alterations?

  • Thankfully because I was short on fabric I had to cut quite a bit off on the sides of the dress, there was far too much volume/width for my liking – but that’s personal preference and I’m not particularly ‘hippy’.
  • I took it up quite a bit at the hem so that the dress was knee length/just above knee length.
  • I added about 1.5cm to the bodice front and took off the same from the midriff front to adjust for my chest, then did the same for the yoke back and midriff back so the seams would all match.


  • The neverending task of putting in bias binding to finish the seams as the fabric frays pretty easily – 13 Metres + and still counting…
  • The fabric that I chose was quite a thin cotton blend and tended to stretch and slip quite easily.

Would I make it again?

NO! – The thought of  doing more buttonholes and buttons on any garment is making me break out into a cold sweat…

Colette Ceylon from the back:

My final choice of buttons (after buying about three different sorts!):

My Buttonholes – probably not the neatest but the way my machine has been behaving, a miracle that it got done!!

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