Trench Coat Sew Along…

Hello everyone!

I’m really excited to be joining in on this trench coat sew along! I actually picked out my fabric about a month ago when I was thinking of making a different jacket altogether. I stumbled across some remnant waterproof Prada fabric for £5 a metre. I think it was the novelty of owning designer fabric that persuaded me to buy it! It wasn’t until I got home with the fabric and thought actually this fabric does not suit that jacket but would make a fabulous trench coat instead! Living in Britain, where we are prone to rain, a trench coat is a sartorial must!

This is the fabric I have chosen:

It’s actually a bit browner than that in real life, unfortunately my camera doesn’t do it much justice!

For the lining I had thought of this pretty Liberty fabric:

I’m still undecided as I’m not sure if it isn’t too ‘prim’ for my trench coat. I’m thinking of perhaps a darker coordinating shade in silk/satin for a more masculine edge.

My inspiration is the classic Burberry Trench:

Something I will always lust after but never afford or justify spending ridiculous amounts of money on! I think the fabric that I have isn’t too far off the shade above either…

I’m hoping that I can achieve all this based on Mcall’s M5525 in View E :

Now onto cutting my toile and fitting it!!!

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