Strawberries and Cream…

Having completely forgotten to upload pictures of Colette Parfait, I give you none other than myself in Colette Parfait… (Really need to get somebody to take some photos of me, it’s a pain trying to photograph myself!)

The English summer seems to be here at last (although nobody is sure for how long!) – it’s time for a punnet of strawberries and freshly whipped cream and a little cheeky glass of Pimm’s whilst putting my feet up to watch Wimbledon in my brand spanking new dress!

Hmm, I love the summer!!

About Freya

I love everything there is about sewing - oh, except for cutting out fabric.... I'm the creator of Elise Patterns - an independent lingerie sewing pattern company - based in London. When I'm not doing that, I can sometimes be found writing on my personal sewing blog - Handmade By Freya. I appreciate all of your lovely thoughtful comments and opinions! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read what I write.
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