Seams to me…

It all started on Saturday, having not spent much time at my sewing machine for a while and having got used to the far superior Bernina 1008’s that we have in sewing class. I ventured into my sewing room, sat down and got ready to catch up on some major sewing…

It is my last sewing class tonight and I would really love to get my dress finished. I’m also amazed that it has taken me 10 weeks to make and sew a dress! Testament to how slow I really am I guess! Well, that and the fact that I have picked a more complicated dress, made a toile, had several fittings, am binding all my seams and have had little spare time outside of my class for extra work…

So I sit down at my Toyota sewing machine expecting it to purr like the kitten that is a well oiled and maintained Bernina. For a start it didn’t purr, it barked. I also think it was being spiteful because I hadn’t sewn for a while and therefore decided to chew my fabric, the fabric getting caught in the feed dogs when I would start a seam. Added to this it stubbornly refused to stitch with a good thread tension. After half a day of this juvenile behaviour from my sewing machine, I went to the pub.

It really is enough to drive one to drink – having spent ages in class being a perfectionist with my seams and achieving some really beautiful stitches, I now have rubbish stitches, partly due to a loss in concentration and abject frustration but also because I was having difficulty controlling the fabric and sewing machine. And trust me I have heard the expression ‘ a good workman doesn’t blame his equipment’! But I am rueing the day that I got over-excited about dressmaking and did a limited internet search for a sewing machine, with absolutely no sewing knowledge and bought the prettiest one. (Yes, sad but true).

Despite the fact that it is barely a year old and instead of running out to buy a lovely new machine (and trust me, I have looked, sadly I don’t have a spare £500 in my bank account), I am not giving up! I am sending it to the repair man to see what he can do with it. Oh and yes, Apart from some dodgy bias binding seams that only I will notice when I wear my dress, I am definitely getting on with things and hope to be finished by tonight!

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, some of my seams have turned out lovely…

2 thoughts on “Seams to me…

  1. Adrienne says:

    Using a Bernina Activa 230 Patchwork myself, I also use several vintage machines that, although none exceptional machines, provide me with affordable options and they are all built with metal gears. I actually prefer them! Your seams look great. God Bless.

    • Freya says:

      Thank you Adrienne! I am still sorely tempted to trade it in but for the moment I am just going to keep going with it. Bernina’s sew so beautifully… Those seams are the best looking ones that I had to photograph!

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