Time flies

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog/sewing front recently. I am finding it incredibly difficult to actually find the time to do some which then starts irritating me! Irritating because I’m in the classic ‘I’ve got no clothes in my wardrobe’ phase and I know I have lots of lovely patterns and fabrics that are begging for me to make things with. Other reasons why I have not had much time include the fact that for the last two weeks I have been attending a ‘Boot Camp’ every morning at the crack of dawn in my local park . I’ve lost about 5lbs, didn’t particularly eat carefully and had a lot of fun whilst doing it. Although my colleagues at work do think it is pretty funny when I walk into work looking like an extremely old woman…

I have one more sewing class left and I still have quite a bit left to do on my dress before Tuesday. I am hoping that I can finish it in the class. But I have decided to bind all the seams with bias binding which is taking up quite a lot of time but I couldn’t see how else to do it. Plus as the dress is quite retro inspired, the binding fits in well with it and the vintage fabric.

I am also slowly getting on with the birthday dress. I have cut out the lining material and really need to get it all put together and do the shell as I am off to Holland next week where I was hoping to display it!

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