The Prada saga…

So I have bought myself 5 metres worth of prada fabric, which is showerproof and in a beige colour. And I’m a bit stuck on what to do with it. Knowing that I want a Colette Lady Grey in my wardrobe, which is what I was originally shopping for. I’m now not sure that colour would do a Lady Grey justice or vice versa.

That is probably because I have seen some really great versions of the Lady Grey in Blues and purples – for example like Tasia’s fabulous blue version on sewaholic and this beautiful purple military version from candyajoyce.

The options are: Mccalls M5525 in the Prada Camel/Caramel (Beige just sounds so boring) and the Lady Grey in a Navy blue sateen or the Prada. I’m just not sure that the camel colour would do the Lady Grey coat any justice? Does anybody know what I mean here? And that to do justice to the Prada, it has to be a trench coat/utility kind of coat. And I’m still really not convinced on that liberty fabric as a lining… decisions decisions….

And I also like the Simplicity Project Runway 2508

Colette Lady Grey

Mccalls M5525

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