That Prada fabric…

Thinking that I would spend the weekend getting round to sewing, it’s remarkable how little I actually did in the end! Cleaning up my house and doing some gardening – constant chores… were what kept me busy. But in the end, I did manage to finally cut out the fabric for Colette Ceylon – and I seriously have to cut down on the volume of the skirt because I have don’t have enough fabric left! I also cut out the pattern for Colette Lady Grey… Oh yes, I bought 5 metres of the Prada fabric…. arghh… I can’t believe it!  I do love it though and it is such a soft luxurious feeling fabric!  I also purchased two metres of a liberty cotton that I thought would look good as a lining to the jacket – but as I bought that in a bit of a rush, I am still thinking about that one…

As the fabric was pretty pricey, I am just going to put it on the back burner for a bit whilst I have a think about whether there are any other better coat patterns out there for this fabric. As it is so obviously a trench coat colour and I don’t have a fitted trench coat, I am just wondering if it would be better served doing that…

I also spent a hellish day on Saturday going to Macculloch & Wallis in Central London – I hate Oxford Street, especially on a Saturday! But I needed the hair canvas and some other bits and bobs. I also hate hate hate the service in Macculloch & Wallis, they are such snobs in there and I had to wait for ages to be served because the shop assistant was more interested in furthering his fashion ambitions.  Oh and they are prohibitively expensive too. Enough said about that!

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