Progress at last…

Had the day off today and have spent all day working on Colette patterns parfait. I just don’t know how other people seem to churn out clothes at such a ridiculously fast rate! It takes me so long just to trace the pattern, cut out the pattern, put it together, press it and so on…

But what I did do today is really read the pattern book and what Sarai from Colette Patterns writes in the booklet is so true: ‘take your time and enjoy the process’ – So true! In my past projects I have been frustrated by my lack of speed and cut corners, bad finishes and shoddy sewing resulting in things that I am not proud of nor am particularly inclined to wear just so that I can say I have finished something. So I know it is basic, but today I just changed my mentality and just enjoyed the process. Instead of serging my seams (and being unhappy with how untidy my serged seams look) I learnt how to do mock French seams, used pinking shears on some seams and put bias tape on the hem. I even don’t mind that I used three different methods to finish seams as I’m happy that those seams look neat!

Just realised I have no pictures of the finished item! Photos to follow…

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