Other news…

Whilst I have been busy with my class, I have also been getting on with my birthday dress – I have about six weeks till the big day – well not really, I generally try to forget about ageing! However, my grandmother is having a big birthday party for her 90th that same week and I would love to have a new dress for that!

I am working on the Vogue 1174 and I have been avidly reading and rereading the scant reviews out there so far! It seems nobody has needed to do a Full Bust Adjustment and I am a bit stuck as to how to do it – as the bodice is bustier style rather than traditional princess seam or darted bodice. I measured myself accurately, depressingly made the 18. In the UK, that would be a 20. (It never ceases to amaze me that that happens when my UK RTW size is 14/US size 12). Anyway, I am still debating on whether to put in piping, though now that I have learnt how to do it class, I have the perfect excuse! And the versions I have seen with piping look pretty good.

I made up the toile last weekend – it looks awful and I have no idea how I am going to resolve A LOT of issues. I’ve got most of the pieces together but just need to get hold of some hair canvas – seems nobody near me sells it!

I popped into my favourite fabric shop on the way home from work and picked up a beautiful nude colour jersey – my first jersey! I was reading my colleague’s magazine when I came across a beautiful dress from the S/S 10 Donna Karan collection in stone jersey. Price tag $1,900 – ahem, not the sort of money you see lying around in my account! Well, I figured that the Donna Karan V1159 had a similar draping effect and that I could possibly alter this pattern a bit to get what I want. Thoughts?

Finally, whilst I was browsing I found some showerproof fabric in the shop – not something you come across that often. I have Colette Patterns Lady Grey in my stash which is begging to be made up – either that or I am in real desperate need for a new lightweight coat! It’s Prada and £6 a metre. I’m not sure about the colour and the picture of the sample I took home probably doesn’t do it justice. It’s a sort of brown taupe colour, I have no idea what sort of fabric it is other than it being showerproof. I’m not sure If I really like it or the fact that it is Prada that is making me want it! It is lovely and silky soft to touch. The one downside is that the pattern is asking for 5 metres of fabric! Do I really need 5 metres of this fabric?

I have seen some lovely versions of the Lady Grey pattern in lovely blues and purples – really lovely colours that I probably would choose myself. But the obvious plus point for me is that the fabric is showerproof – and yes, the UK is a bit partial to rain on the odd occasion! And the colour is a very traditional sort of macintosh/Burberry type colour…

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