Agitation station…

Has anybody ever felt like throwing something that they have been making out of the window or straight into the bin…

I’ve been determined to finish some projects off that I started a while back, but this week I’ve just not been in a very good mood for sewing. And as a result I have been really slap dash and done some horrid sewing! I have spent most of my evening trying to fix this abomination only to ask myself ‘why’?

I’m loathe to waste fabric but equally, the skirt that I have been trying to finish is horrid and I will never wear  it because the quality is appalling. I’m struggling to think where it all went wrong.

Here’s a list of my main gripes:

  • Rubbish pattern tracing and cutting (the pieces were all wonky when I put them together)
  • Rubbish material – a cotton poplin that I’ve had in my stash for years and seems to attract every piece of lint/dust in my house and a horrid cheap purple manmade material of some sort that is a lining
  • The awful sewing and serging
  • The bad application of interfacing
  • Awful, awful, truly awful seams
  • The button holes that are placed to far in and go through the lining
  • The wonky waistband

That should do for now! But I am so embarrassed by my handiwork that whilst I should post it as some sort of warning to novice seamstresses everywhere, I do not want it to haunt me later on in life!!

So now all I have to decide is – valiantly try and rescue the botch job or junk it… And perhaps on second thoughts, going to back to basics is not such a bad idea for me after all!

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