Birthday Dress…

I have been keeping myself busy in recent weeks – I am trying to be healthy and lose a bit of weight, so I find that keeping busy is something that really helps. However, it means that I am not always leaving much time to do any sewing!  So when I am not sewing or I am killing time at work I am an avid reader of other sewing blogs; such as – Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing (Brilliant), Fehrtrade and Burdastyle to name but a few…

A few weeks ago Gertie posted pictures of the new Vogue patterns for Summer 2010 and amongst her highlights was this beautiful Cynthia Steffe dress:

Erica B has done a lovely version of it already. Gertie also posted a separate post on some lovely red rose fabric she’d found from Liberty of London. I came across what I think is exactly the same fabric in my local fabric shop (Fabrics galore) but in reality the background colour is a bit creamier than in Gertie’s pictures and in this picture… It’s called Carline.

I didn’t need much persuasion to buy either the dress pattern or the fabric – It’s a really pretty pattern, very feminine and something that  I shall be aiming to recreate in time for my birthday (July)! And having read Erica B’s post on how to make it,  I realise now that it is a bit more complicated than it looks from the pattern envelope, so it will probably be a good item to sew in my sewing class – which I started on Tuesday….

The first class was a little disappointing as I seemed to be the most advanced person there (which I am obviously not!) – everybody else seemed to be absolute beginners. So the first class was spent familiarising yourself with the sewing machine and taking each other’s measurements, fairly basic stuff. The tutor would like us all to make something basic like a skirt, so she was a bit taken aback when I asked if I could make a jacket. After looking at my pattern she seemed alright with it, but i’m thinking now that a dress with internal corsetry will be more difficult. Additionally learning how to alter the bust and competently make a full bust adjustment to patterns would also be a valuable thing to learn. Decisions, decisions…. And whilst I may have thought the first class was a bit easy, that old adage of ‘if you are going to make something well, you need to know how to make it well’ is true. Which means back to basics for me!

Still, the college is really lovely and apart from the post work rush to get to it, the class seems friendly and I am enjoying the whole ‘I’m going to fashion school’ rush that I get when I walk through the front doors and mingle with the (real) creatives…

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