Butterick B5209 finally…

I finally got round to finishing off the Butterick dress… And here are the pictures to prove it!

The final result courtesy of my dress form…

This pattern was pretty easy overall. But I found that the notches on the skirt did not match at all with the notches on the bottom of the bodice. So I chose to line up the skirt using the seams and having an even gather around the skirt. Also, some of the instructions were a bit confusing. I would read them over and over again, wondering exactly what it is that they meant! For example – inserting the zip – I decided to just follow the instructions for a lapped zip from the bible that is – The Complete Book of Sewing. A couple of other adjustments have also been made by adding length to the bodice (i’m 5 foot 10) and then cutting some of that off when I realised I had gone a bit mad and added too much length. Finally I have had to cut some of the length off the skirt, so that the skirt rests just above knee level rather than mid shin!

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