Self Drafted Pencil Skirt

Spent this afternoon finishing off a pencil skirt that I drafted myself. It’s a high waisted pencil skirt made from a blue/black damask cotton bought from fabrics galore – an awesome fabric shop in Battersea, London.

It has two darts in the back, the front has three panels.

I had left alone for a while and only really needed to put the zip in, it was seamed but a completely ridiculous shape and size. I have lost about a stone since I started making it, hence the awful fit. So I pinned the skirt to myself (carefully!) and then just sewed new seams and overlocked the seam edges. I kept doing this, making minor little adjustments as I went until I was happy. Then I overlocked the hem edge, pinned this up and sewed it.

From the back (and in need of a good press!)

I think this will look really smart with a white shirt, wide belt and heels – can’t wait to wear it!

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