Cushion Project

I really love the Jan Constantine Union Jack Cushions – I’m not an ardent nationalist but I really love her designs and her use of colour. Except, I find them a bit pricey. For the equivalent sized cushion that I made, it would set you back £73/$116

Not having any idea as to how to make it, I went off to my current favourite haberdashery shop. It’s a treasure trove of amazing things as well as being my closest and most convenient shop. I had planned how I might make the cushion and what colours I wanted to use, so it would fit in with my living room scheme.

I bought two 60 cm x 60cm cushion inserts, coordinating invisible zips, silk threads and raw silk. The raw silk made the cushion a bit more expensive than anticipated but I am still getting used to getting the right quantity of fabric and deciding which is best.

First Stage

Making slip covers for the cushions from Calico, in order to give the cushion a bit more durability

Second stage

Cutting out all the pieces and hemming the fraying silk (Any excuse to use my brand new overlocker!!)

Third stage

Sewing the pieces together, making a cover and complete with an invisible zip

And the final piece de resistance – adding my own ‘Handmade by Freya’ label….

I have completed one cushion so far and am really chuffed with it. I was going to do the second cushion in exactly the same design but I am now thinking I should do something different. I haven’t decided yet therefore have not finished the other one.

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