First attempt at a bra…

Apologies if you have come to this site thinking it is some sort of dedicated fan site to the calendar girls – Yes, it does look like the sort of bra a W.I. wearing lady of a certain age would wear… But actually I made this last year as one of my first sewing projects, it is my first attempt at a Toile Bra.

Having not sewed since Junior school… A very long time ago! (And having always wanted to be better at sewing, to be able to make lovely things and clothes that fit perfectly and are made exactly how you want them to look like…) I have recently taken up sewing again, got myself a few lessons and generally having a go! First project – instead of a sane person choosing a simple skirt or cushion cover – a bra. Well, I do like a challenge…

This Toile bra is part of a kit that I got free when I ordered a bra pattern from the Sewing Chest. I also ordered a bra kit for under £8 which included enough lace, powernet and other bits and pieces – definitely cheaper than if I had bought it all separately myself.

Whilst I am pleased that I managed to figure out the pattern and put it all together into something that resembles a bra – I’m not too sure about the sizing. It’s supposed to be a DD cup but the cups have ended up looking like they are a H or something like that! Additionally, I really need to learn how to be much neater with my seams as well as observing the seam allowance!!

Update: Having been so horrified at my initial attempts I have now dismantled the toile, will start it again, obeying the correct seam allowances and see how that turns out before embarking on making one out of the proper fabric!

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