Overlocking 101…

I’m so excited, I’ve just invested in a Janome overlocker! I have been wanting one for ages and after numerous attempts on eBay to get a good one, I caved and just decided to go to John Lewis and get myself one from there… Expensive but I think absolutely worth it – I hope so anyway!

Interestingly I found that a lot of the reasons people were selling their overlockers on eBay was that they never used them or were put off by how complicated they looked. With that in mind, I hardly needed persuading to book myself on a ‘how to’ class on overlocking at The Make Lounge – an absolutely fabulous place in London for crafting. I’ve been to their knicker making workshop too, really enjoyable. Can’t say the BF appreciated my attempts though. I came away with less kinky sexy briefs more granny style bloomers!

Cat on a hot tin roof... not literally though, just my cat inspecting my progress

Update: The overlocking class at the Make Lounge was great – really friendly and well run. We made some napkins with rolled hem edges, but it was good to pick up some tips that make overlocking that little bit less scary…

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