Fabric geekery…

I’m not even sure if ‘geekery’ is a word but this past weekend, I indulged the OCD side of myself by re-organising my fabric stash.

I love how we all call it a ‘stash’ and not a collection or accumulation, as if the very act of buying fabric and amassing large quantities of fabric is something to be guilty and ashamed of that we hide away…. A bit like those clothes purchases that we hide away from friends and family – which, when we are asked about it – we refer to as ‘what? this old thing?’ or ‘no, this isn’t new, I’ve had it for ages….’

So this weekend, I set about cataloguing it, measuring the pieces roughly and taking pictures. It took a while but i’m glad I did it in the end as I reacquainted myself with some forgotten finds and fallen out of love with some others… I’m already finding that it’s brilliant for quickly seeing what I’ve got when planning new projects!

How do you organise your fabric?

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